Comics - Off To The Races #7 - March 20th, 2017, 12:00 pm

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DarkwingDork, March 21st, 2017, 4:37 pm ( Reply )

- As we prepare for the race, we see another cameo!

In the first panel you'll spot Allison Taverner, a centaur that has cameoed in "The Wotch." She belongs to her owner Phantom Inker, who graciously allowed an appearance.

Miranda West is, again, owned by the creators of The Wotch.

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Reader Comments:

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Scarfing down a hot dog just before a race?

Not a good idea. 7X=Q

posted by Lucius Appaloosius on March 22nd, 2017, 2:35 am

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@Lucius Appaloosius: If that centaur has an equine-type digestive system, scarfing down a hot dog is never a good idea…

posted by Cubist on March 22nd, 2017, 6:04 am

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Could be worse. At least he doesn't intend on starting an unboxing or let's play channel

posted by jackmcslay on March 22nd, 2017, 2:43 pm

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Random Weird Al spotting. Also, Miss Kittytaur is in there too. Yay!

posted by Salen on March 23rd, 2017, 2:22 pm

  off to the races ( Reply )

*me taking pole position at the last second* OK Pones, see you at the finish line!"

posted by Centaur71 (Guest) on March 24th, 2017, 6:25 pm

  Yankovic sighting ( Reply )

@Salen: Good ol' Weird Al would LOVE this strip; its right up his alley! (I'm surprised HE didn't morph into a Centaur like the rest of us)

posted by Centaur71 (Guest) on March 24th, 2017, 6:28 pm

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