Off-Centaured is a webcomic covering the adventures of DWD and Cubist, two webcomic creators who find themselves transformed into creatures of Ancient Greek myth. No, not gorgons! I'm talking of course about centaurs! Providing art for our comic is the talented Cervelet, creator of the webcomic Addictive Science!

This comic started as a tribute to a late mutual friend of ours, Michael Bard, but eventually grew to something more. Michael indirectly led to the creation of my own webcomic At Arm's Length when he challenged me to write a story featuring a multiarmed main character.

Michael and Cubist were co-editors of the TF e-zine TSAT and later the furry e-zine ANTHRO. Michael had a centaur fursona for most of his time in the furry fandom mostly because of his fascination with Greek history and mythology, which led to him appearing as one in the TSAT-based comic Modified Rapture.

Sadly, Michael passed away in 2010 following an aneurysm. We had a tribute to Bard before in "At Arm's Length" so I decided another was in order.

Which leads us to this. So... while dutifully working on a comic one evening, some unknown force decided to have some mirth with Cubist and DWD. Cubist apparently invoked some ancient arcane power or something when suggesting we give Bard another tribute, and poof, now WE are the tribute.