Main Characters

Meet the stars of our tale, Cubist and DWD!

Cubist is the stalwart, cynical letterer on the comic, world-weary and mistrustful of strange things. He naturally clashes with his more exuberant fellow centaur. He prefers composing music in his spare time and shattering illusions of those around him. Despite an outwardly sardonic personality, he's a nice guy when you get to know him. Cubist has the body of a Clydesdale, perhaps reflecting his workhorse approach to life.

Sharing the spotlight is DWD, the comic writer and gleeful one of the two. Although initially shocked with his change, DWD launches into full centaurdom with a gusto, eager to sing the virtues of his condition and explore all the fun the world offers for his new form. While not oblivious to outside stimuli, he's the one more likely to shrug off concerns and charge forward with abandon. DWD has the body of a black Arabian, fitting for someone bursting with energy.